Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ayan : my-view

It was loooooooong looooooooong ago, so looooooooong ago since I made a post here so thought why not with another my-view of a movie. Also it just happened couple of days back to read my very own post about RDB [avlo vettiya irundhu irukaen.. ;o)], and thought that paravaala namma kooda yedho yeludhurom nu, sorry kirukurom will be apt. Sari, let me stop boasting about my earlier crap and get into my yet another crap.

Well, indha time namma paaka poradhu A'y'an. Wondering y the y is within quotes? kettu thaan sollanum, title la appdi thaan highlight panni podraanunga. I had no expectation as the promos were'nt not so impressive [alteast to me] and it looked like a typical masala movie. And definitely it is a masala but served interestingly with right amount of spice n flavour. The movie moves on without any lag because of its impressive n interesting screenplay. The director, KV Anand has sure done a bit of research about the thiruttu VCD stuffs, burma bazaar, smuggling et al. I was able to relate to these sequences, yaen na burma bazaar pakkam thaan namma voodu. The director looks to be fond of chemistry, no! no! am not talking about the onscreen chemistry between Surya n Tamanna [well, it demands a special mention too]. Ungala solli kuthamilla, chemistry-nra subject-a school pasangalae marandhu pora alavuku these reality shows have made us think that way. Here, I am referring to the Director's fondness for the real chemistry. Director cleverly uses his chemical knowledge ;~) to build up a scene in which Cocaine is smuggled as sculpted pillaiyar, which are odourless. This scene wasn't a surprise to me as I had anticipated such interesting scenes from the Director's earlier venture, Kanaa Kandaen in which the director made use of the property of White Phosphorous [FYI White Phosphorous catches fire at room temperature] cleverly in his screenplay to make it interesting. Another hi-point which I noted in the screenplay is that there were numerous scenes with a short flashback or rather I would say a recap revealing how things were cracked in the earlier scene. So indha maadri pala samaacharangal comes in as a surprise and makes the movie unpredictable.

The movie moves on a steady pace or atleast without a lag not jus cos of the screenplay alone but because of the stunning stunt sequences and also cinematography. The stunt and chase sequences are composed and executed elegantly. But one cannot deny that the sequence in Africa does remind us of the opening sequence of the 007 flick, Quantum of Solace. Camera work is very good throughout the movie and the stunt sequences would not have been highlighted minus the commendable work by the cinematographer.

Ennada Surya n Tamanna pathi onnume sollala indha paiyyan nu dudettes n dudes koopaadu podradhu kekudhu. Actors pathi perusaa solla onnumilla as the movie doesnt demand a great performance but as I had mentioned earlier in my post their onscreen chemistry deserves a special mention. They look comfortable with each other and give out a cool performance. Prabhu, Renuka [TV series fame], Karunas and Jagan [kadavul paadhi mirugam paadhi fame], who evokes humour n pathos when required gives a good performance. Hey, hold on Villain-a pathi sollaama vittutaene. Adheppdi thaan namma aalunga thedi pudikiraangalo indha maadri villainsa. Ghajini villain ku aprom ivaru thaan andha yedatha pudichirukaaru. Idhuku mela solradhuku onnumilla.

Harris Jayaraj's songs are as usual hummable but gives a Deja Vu feeling also as always. He does a fairly good job with the background score.

So kadaisiya enna solraen na, Ayan-a dhaaralama oru dhabaa paakalam.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Shots I clicked with my fone. This has become my fav past time..

Beautiful Sunset clicked at Thiruvanmiyur Beach

On de go in MRTS..

At Light House Station waiting for the Train

At Central Signal in Bus

Our gang's fav hangout spot - V House

Mottai maadi shots

Friday, August 11, 2006

J(S)illunu Oru Kaadhal lyrics

Song : Jillunu oru kaadhal

paravaigal seiyudhay
pattaampoochchi seiyudhay
nadhigal seiyudhay
marangal seiyudhay
yaadhum seiyudhae
neeyum seiya vaakaadhal..

jillendru oru kaadhal.. (4)

paravaigal seiyudhay
pattaampoochchi seiyudhay
nadhigal seiyudhay
marangal seiyudhay
yaadhum seiyudhae
neeyum seiya vaakaadhal..

jillendru oru kaadhal.. (4)

kaalaiyil kaadhali
maalaiyil kaadhali
velaiyil kaadhali
selaiyil kaadhali
sillarai paesumaa..
selaigal pesumae.. kaadhal..

jillunu oru kaadhal.. (4)

eesalgal yaenadaa
poosalgal yaenadaa
yudhangal yaenadaa
raththangal yaenadaa
moththamum veenadaa
thiththikkum thaenadaa.. kaadhal..

jillunu oru kaadhal.. ho.. jillunu oru kaadhal..

paravaigal seiyudhey
pattaampoochi seiyudhey
nadhigal seiyudhey
marangal seiyudhey
megangal seiyudhey.. vaanam seiyudhae kaadhal..

jillunu oru kaadhal.. (4)

jillendru oru kaadhal.. jillendru oru kaadhal..

Song : Newyork nagaram

new york nagaram urangum naeram..
thanimai adarndhadhu..
paniyum padarndhadhey..
kappal irangiye kaatrum karaiyil nadandhadhu..
naangu kannaadi chuvargalukkulle naanum mezhuguvarthi..
thanimai thanimai oh.. thanimai thanimai oh.. kodumai kodumai yo..

new york nagaram..

paechchelaam thaalaattu pola ennai uranga vaikka nee illai..
dhinamum oru muthtam thandhu kaalai coffee kodukka nee illai..
vizhiyil vizhum dhoosi thannai naavaal edukka nee ingu illaii..
manadhil yezhum kuzhappam thannai theerkka nee ingey illai..
naan ingae neeyum angae indha thanimaiyil nimishangal varusham aanadhaeno..
vaan ingae.. neelam angae indha uvamaikku iruvarum vilakkamaanadhaeno..

new york nagaram...

naat kurippil nooru dhadavai undhan peyarai ezhudhum en paenaa..
ezhudhiyadhum erumbu moikka peyarum aanadhenna thaenaa..
jil endru bhoomi irundhum indha tharunaththil kulir kaalam kodai aanadheno..
vaa anbae.. neeyum vandhaal senthanal kooda panikkatti pola maarumae..

new york nagaram...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's day special

Here is what A.R.Rahman had to say about the occasion of Mother's Day..

My wife allows me to enjoy the best of both words. She takes care of my family when I am travelling and when I return, she takes care of me. And she never cribs or complains about managing the show when I am not here, and as far as my work is concerned, she is my main critic. But whatever I am today, it’s because of the disciplined way in which my mother brought us up after I lost my father when I was just seven.

Friday, March 17, 2006

WANTED : Kalyana pons

Is that U?

Uff.. orey kushtamappa.. ennatha solradhu.. I was forced to post this.. :D anyways thankx arul for making me post this.. En thookathai kalaithadhuku nanri..

Now coming to what this post is all about.. I dont really expect any quality from my gal cos am sure I wont be able to clear my QC test.. ;-p So I think its not fair to expect any quality.. irundhaalum solraen.. namma thaan solradhu onnu seiyyaradhu vera onnaachey..

Now here is what I feel my solemate.. chi sorry.. soulmate should preferably be like..
  • Talkative, as I dont talk much ;D
  • Naughty.. crazy.. or whateva u name it..
  • Possessive.. only to an extent, as "alavuku minjinaal amirdhamum nanju.."
  • Should be witty or humorous...
  • Should pamper me a lot.. I mean she should konjufy me very often.. I know this is too much but I feel there is nothing wrong.. afterall she is my gal.. ennai konjaama vera yara konja poraa.. :o)
  • Should tolerate and enjoy my chinna chinna silmishams.. ;o)
  • Should be short and lil bit on the heavier side.. adhukunu.. vaathu maadri ellaam iruka koodaadhu..
  • Chinna vayasula kaanaamal ponavargal patriya arivippu adikadi kettadhaalo ennavo am very much obsessed with MAA niram.. na.. its not my mom's complexion.. it means.. ayyo.. enna solradhu.. aan.. TAN skin.. even dark skins are welcome.. karupaa irundhaalum kalaiya irundhaa sari.. :"> (blusing). So all those white cockoraches keep out.. illa.. naa thaan kandipaa venum nu solravanga rendu naal veyil la ninnutu vaanga.. consider panna try panraen.. >:) overa theriyudhu la? so better keep out..
Well I could go on and on and on.. but too much of expectations could result in disappointments.. so I dont wanna getdisappointed.. enaku irukuradho little heart.. And I am not gonna tag this to anybody else.. En kashtam ennoda pogattum.. ;D

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Rang De Basanti - my-view

Huh.. at last a film in bollywood that is entertaining as well as thought provoking. yess.. u are right.. Its Rang De Basanti.. I was eagerly waiting for the release just for the sake of music and I was totally blank and did not have any expectation from the movie as such, for the simple reason 'I didnt wanna get disappointed'. But as the film started to roll on, my expectation reached high point and was wondering how the director is going to end the movie. THE END is something which nobody would have expected but it was quite convincing, atleast to me. Also, the director wanted to draw a parallel to the incident which happened during pre-independence so it could not have been better than this.
The film is all about bunch of guys realising their resposibilities as citizens of our country. Sue , a London based film maker plans to shoot a film on the Indian revolutionaries mentioned in the diary of her grandfather, who served British during the Independence era. Devoid of funds to make the film in her country she packs her bag to India and meets Sonia , who happens to be Sue's friend lives in Delhi. Sonia introduces Sue to her bunch of friends. They are DJ , Karan , Aslam , Sukhi . Also Laxman [Atul Kulkarni], who works as a party man not just for money but because of his love for country and priciples, also joins them subsequently.

Sue feels that these guys best fits the roles of those revolutionaries and so starts the shoot with them. But none of the guys take their roles seriously because little they knew about the freedom fighters and they think that they belong to the genre of easy going guys who are out of college and taking life as it comes. But as the filming of documentary proceeds they realise what is expected of them. Also, their attitudes towards life and towards the country gets a biiiig turn. Though it sounds a bit abstract, the way it has been presented on screen is convincing, interesting, appealing and provoking. Hats off to the director and the screenplay writer. There is no dull moment in the movie and it keeps u thinking whats next.
The cast is perfect and the director has sculpted each character with utmost care and perfection. The actors have done a great job and their performances are top notch. I would rather call them as performers. Also the cinematographer and the editor have done a splendid job in blending the present and the past. The use of sephia tone for the past makes it clear for the audience.
And should I mention about music? Rahman's music needs no publicity. He is top class as usual both in songs and the background score. Use of bass and guitars for a scene in the pre-independence era was very innovative and amazing. But as a Rahmaniac I was disappointed as the songs were interwoven with the scenes and were'nt picturised fully. Thankfully the director didnt think like me or else it would have been just another bollywood movie.

And what r you waiting for? Go.. Book.. Watch.. Its a must watch movie. Thank you for reading thro my-view of the movie. This is my first attempt in writing and I hope you liked it. Please bear with the mistakes, if any.

Warning :- I dont know a single word in hindi ;o). If the film has so much impact even on me then imagine how good the movie is.